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Our Relaunched Scrub Program: Less Hassle for More Confident Medical Staff

Posted by ImageFIRST on Feb 23, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Working in a healthcare facility requires a few things. First and foremost is the right attitude: The willingness to learn and do what is in the best interests of patients. After that, quality education and equipment are paramount for medical professionals who rely on their knowledge and technology to provide excellent medical care and patient experience.

In additional to certain inherent qualities, equipment and knowledge, healthcare workers need sanitized scrubs to keep them and their patients safe. Scrubs also serve as a uniform, identifying medical professionals immediately and establishing a facility’s brand.

When medical facilities need comprehensive healthcare laundry services in Austin, TX (and elsewhere throughout the US and Puerto Rico), they turn to ImageFIRST. Inpatient facilities and outpatient facilities rely on us to provide them with clean linens that never go out of stock thanks to our persistent monitoring and delivery schedule. 

Our recently relaunched medical scrub program packs all the reliability and efficacy that ImageFIRST is known for into a comprehensive scrub program that keeps healthcare workers comfy and safe.

Challenges for managing scrub inventory include:

  • Running out of scrubs
  • Incessant reordering of scrubs
  • Missing sizes for healthcare workers
  • Low quality products to cut costs
  • Inventory mix-ups and other headaches

Our redesigned scrub program solution fixes all of these issues by providing facilities with specialized inventory and the same management experience that they’ve learned to expect from our medical linen and laundry program. The program offers a variety of colors and sizes from leading manufacturers to ensure that medical staff is happy with their uniforms in both style and fit. Lab coats are provided with the option to be embroidered with a facility’s logo as part of the service, too.

Outfitted with RFID chip technology, inventory is trackable in real-time so administrators know exactly where their scrubs are. Administrators can opt for the Garment Guarantee Program, as well, which enables ImageFIRST to proactively replace lost scrubs with new stock. Facilities also receive a dedicated representative from ImageFIRST to alleviate the workload of medical facility staff.

To learn more about our relaunched scrub program or our medical laundry service in Austin, TX, visit