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When it Comes to Healthcare Linen, Don’t Accept “Hygienically Clean” at Face Value

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 30, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Modern medicine allows people to experience care at levels thought impossible just a few decades ago, and better healthcare is increasing the national life expectancy. The medical field is bursting with new technologies and systems that further improve the patient experience.

Medical linens are not a new, space-age technology, but are a needed element in the patient treatment process, especially when creating a comfortable, caring environment for patients. From medical uniforms in San Marcos, TX and throughout the country to the sheets that line patients’ beds, they are perhaps not talked about as much as high-tech diagnostic equipment or surgical implements, but their presence is felt by each patient and professional.

With an increased emphasis on preventing healthcare-associated infections, the focus on healthcare linen has sharpened. Medical textiles such as scrubs, patient gowns, sheets and towels are one of the concerns for the growth and spread of infection-causing pathogens, making it imperative that healthcare facilities outfit themselves with the cleanest linen possible.

In our industry, “hygienically clean” is the term used by many medical linen and laundry providers to designate their products as safe for use in medical facilities. But the problem with a “hygienically clean” product is that there is simply no evaluation process to back up that designation. The term has no scientific measurement behind it. Without industry certifications and the numbers that back those up, “hygienically clean” is essentially a meaningless term.

At ImageFIRST San Antonio, our products are held to the highest standard in the industry. Using our Triple BioShield Protection® process, we go beyond what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines as “sanitized”: our linens are cleaned up to 99.999% pathogen-free. And since we have our textiles regularly tested by an independent lab, you don’t have to take our word alone. By removing up to 99.999% of pathogens, we are proud to tell the medical facilities we partner with how clean our medical uniforms and scrubs in Round Rock, TX are. To us, our medical linens aren’t just a product: They’re a promise, one that keeps patients comfortable and out of harm’s way.